Views and Distances

The navigation in the three-dimensional space is controlled via keyboard. Thus the user can choose the perspective of the single frames and can move in the three-dimensional space in any possible way.

To provide better insights into certain frames the distances between the single frames can be changed.

Orientation in three-dimensional space

In order to ease orientation in three-dimensional space a floor with a rough raster can be faded in. A scale serves as timeline displaying frames and seconds. The background color of the three-dimensional space can also be changed in order to ensure optimum contrast between the background and the film sequence.

Play Mode

Of course the film sequence can also be played. To achieve this effect there are two possibilities. Playmode 1: The set of single frames is being moved to the front and the front frame is faded out. Playmode 2: The set of single frames are arranged in reverse order before and when played the front frame is faded in and then moves behind when a new frame is available

Preview Mode

The integrated preview function provides for direct interaction with the single frames in three-dimensional space. Rolling the cursor over a frame places a copy of it next to the sequence. This mode allows quick and intuitive searching, and may be compared to browsing through a book.

Selection of frames

Frames can be freely selected within a film sequence. The unselected section can be faded in or out during selection to gain a better overview. When playing the film with this setting you can simultaneously observe three time layers of the film (the present, the past and the future events)

Transparency of single frames

The transparency of the single frames can be changed. Thus the cuboid form of the single frames is dissolved into a cloudy shape. The edges become indistinct and the colored content with its changes and movements becomes visible.

Loading two film sequences

The possibility of loading various film sequences at the same time, makes a direct comparison possible. By changing the distances between the frame sequences it is even possible to blend two sequences with different color modifications (i.e. color deleted, highlights) together.